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Our Wireless High Speed Internet is the only practical alternative to Fiber Internet & Cable

Delivering speed, reliability and accessibility where cable and Fiber availability is limited. Zing Broadband Wireless High Speed Internet has become a major source for residential and business Web access throughout Several States, succeeding in closing the coverage gap left by cable and Fiber providers while winning a growing number of customers who choose Zing Broadband Wireless High Speed Internet over the competition.

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Your address must include your zip code. If your location is equipped with Zing Broadband Fiber, please provide the fiber ID located on your smart home box or written on your D-Mark outside your home. Please call 360.727.0441 (option 1) if you need assistance finding your ID.

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What is Wireless
High Speed Internet?

A High Speed, reliable and practical solution for Washington State.

ZingISP.com ‘wireless’ does not refer to cell phones, Wi-Fi, or satellite; but rather, a state-of-the-art, lesser known method of providing Internet service. A WISP, like ZingISP.com, transmits a radio signal containing large volumes of data. This signal is then picked up by the antenna of a subscriber, and carried through a cable to its destination network.

This technology has proven extremely effective in rural areas due to geography. ZingISP.com has succeeded in establishing an Internet connection at some 20 miles distance. ZingISP.com is expecting the success of its network in Montana and Washington State to increase the recognition of this technology, and expand its implementation elsewhere.

Advantages of Wireless
High Speed Internet Services

Available almost anywhere in Washington State.

Unlike other methods of Internet access, ZingISP.com Wireless Service doesn’t require ideal conditions, like service location, to operate at full potential. This makes Internet access at remote and temporary locations easy, where previously no option was available. ZingISP.com wireless Internet makes it possible to have a telephone, fax, and video capable Internet connection in the middle of the desert, powered by as little as a solar array.

ZingISP.com offers multiple,
scalable bandwidth options.

ZingISP.com can install wireless Internet connections with speeds up to 1Gbps symmetrical (up and down). Other wireless Internet service options available include a TDM telecom-service alternative, available for a fraction of the traditional cost.

Reliable, fully-monitored and
supported high speed service.

ZingISP.com’s wireless Internet backbone was built from the ground up; designed and maintained with reliability in mind. By operating two independent, identical wireless network systems on isolated equipment and separate frequencies, service is seamlessly maintained in the event of failure. All ZingISP.com services are backed with 24/7 live technical support if a problem should ever arise.